Neuroanatomy and Cognition Group

Autism Research Seminars

Upcoming Speakers:

Motion processing abilities in children with autism
Catherine Manning
Wednesday 11th June 2014
New Seminar Room, St John's College. 1pm-2pm

Past Seminars:

The intrinsic connectivity of the brain in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Dr Christine Ecker
Wednesday 26th February 2014

How do the neuropeptides oxytocin and vasopressin affect our social development?
Professor David Skuse
Thursday 20th February 2014

Language variation in ASD: where does it come from and why does it matter?
Dr Courtenay Norbury
Wednesday 27th November 2013

Altered executive and sensory cortex in autism: recent studies in neuroanatomy
Dr Steven Chance
Wednesday 23 October 2013

Contact: steven.chance[at]


Neuroanatomy for the Naive

This was an introductory lecture given by Dr Chance:

Brain Bank for Autism

The following are two videos on autism research and brain donation, fronted by Dr Chance:



In this fast-paced game, you must click on protein targets to grow your neuron, connecting new brain regions. Climb through the tissue, outcompeting rival neurons to form the longest connection you can.


From some time attempting to learn how to program a computer, here are two simple programs:


VFtiming was used to estimate the inter-utterance timing interval in verbal fluency paradigms. It measures the time between mouse-button clicks to the nearest 200milliseconds.


CorteX Trace

CorteX Trace can be used to take measurements from any photo of a scaled object, providing the lengths of straight and curved structures and edges.


Public Engagement

Video Interview: Introducing the Brain Bank for Autism. Raising awareness of brain donation for research for UK autism research charity, Autistica. (

BBC TV news interview: The new philanthropy - funding medical research (Jan. 2012)

Public Lecture and Panel Discussion: The neuroanatomy of dementia: changes in the ageing brain. Alzheimer's Research UK, Open Day. Oxford (2011)

Public Lecture: What brain scans tell us about MS pathology: a view through the microscope. 2nd Open Meeting of the Thomas Willis Oxford Brain Collection. Oxford (2010)

Short news article: Human Adult Neural Stem Cell Facility. ORH News, Oxford (2010)

Public Lecture: From normal ageing to dementia: a microscopic journey. 1st Open Meeting of the Thomas Willis Oxford Brain Collection. Oxford (2009)

Public Lecture: Learning from post-mortem studies. Annual General Meeting of Alzheimer Scotland charity, Edinburgh (2007)